Movingui APPEARANCE AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Movingui is harvested in forests in the central region of Cameroon. The tree reaches a height of up to 50 m and has a maximum trunk diameter of 1.4 m. The trunk is straight and cylindrical. Its light yellow to yellow brown colour is regarded as the distinctive feature of …

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Acajou APPEARANCE AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Mahogany is exploited in the forests of southern Cameroon.  Mahogany trees can reach a height of 60 m and a diameter of 1.8 m. Its trunks are often straight and cylindrical with serifs at the rootsThe sapwood of the ekop-naga is white to pale yellow. The heartwood is clearly demarcated. …

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Azobe APPEARANCE AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Azobe wood is extremely tough and very difficult to work, it has an unpleasant odour and is difficult to plane. It rapidly blunts tools. Azobe wood splits when it is nailed. For this reason, pre-drilled holes are recommended for nails and screws. The sapwood is up to 5 cm wide, yellow …

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