Round Timber


Ekop-Mayo APPEARANCE AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Ekop-Mayo is harvested in the coastal region of Cameroon. Ekop-Mayo trees can grow as tall as 20 m and have a trunk diameter of approximately 1.2 m. Ekop-Mayo is easy to work and process. APPLICATION AREAS. Manufacture of edge veneer; use as plywood GET A QUOTE Why Choose Us? We …

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Ekop-naga APPEARANCE AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Ekop-naga is harvested in the coastal region of south-east Cameroon. Ekop-naga trees can grow as tall as 18 m and have a trunk diameter of up to 1.5 m.. The sapwood of the ekop-naga is white to pale yellow. The heartwood is clearly demarcated. Ekop-naga is easy to saw when …

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Bilinga APPEARANCE AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Bilinga grows in forest areas in the central and southern regions of Cameroon. The trunk of the tree can grow to a height of up to 40 m, has a maximum diameter of 1.5 m and is completely cylindrical. Bilinga is a heavy, very strong wood. It is relatively difficult …

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Dabema APPEARANCE AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Dabema is harvested in the central and coastal regions of Cameroon. Dabema trees can reach a height of up to 40 m, and their trunks have diameters ranging from 0.6 to 1.2 m. The whitish grey or light brown sapwood is easily to distinguish from the heartwood. Dabema wood is …

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Azobe APPEARANCE AND PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. Azobe wood is extremely tough and very difficult to work, it has an unpleasant odour and is difficult to plane. It rapidly blunts tools. Azobe wood splits when it is nailed. For this reason, pre-drilled holes are recommended for nails and screws. The sapwood is up to 5 cm wide, yellow …

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